Warm Responses

Here are just a few of the warm responses to "How to become a world famous, fabulously successful writer":

WHAT AN AWESOME SERIES of articles on writing!!!!!!!!!!! I teach English Composition I at Arcadia Valley High School in Ironton, MO. ... I know your articles are going to be an awesome tool for me to use in my class! -- Karen Sargent

MY NAME IS HILLARY and I am thirteen years old. I recently have had to write many reports and stories and I never can get my mind going, and when I saw your article on Monday it caught my attention right away. I read it...and loved it! It is neat to see the world of writing from an adult's point of view and it gives me a good perspective on what writing should mean to us and how we can write better pieces.It has helped me greatly and given me a whole new respect for writing. Who knows, maybe I can make it a career choice. Thanks for all you've done! -- Hillary Hellmann

I'M 15, A SOPHOMORE and home-schooled currently. I won't lie to you, I'm no Einstein, but I make B's mostly. You make me realize that you can make it in this world, even if you're not an uptight stiff. –- Matt Miller

MY MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS were captivated. The students I teach are several grades behind in reading and for them to sit quietly and read (your work) and react to it are major accomplishments. –- Jennifer Stephens