The Post-Dispatch: Less Costs More

Single copies of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch now cost six bits. Worth it? Click here for the podcast.

Single copies of the Post-Dispatch now cost 75 cents as the newspaper trims its staff. Across the state, the Kansas City Star still sells for 50 cents. But in cities as diverse as Spokane, New York, and Baltimore newsstand prices are on the increase. Does this makes sense with circulation falling? Why not charge more for papers with key sections that lack advertising (such as sports) and less for those laden with ads? McGraw Milhaven and Dick Weiss discuss this and Justice Clarence Thomas's provocative interview on "60 Minutes" on the McGraw Show on KTRS (550 AM). Click the link above to listen to or download the podcast.

Dick's media segment airs each Monday at 11:05 a.m.

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