About the Al Kerth Series

One of every 100 to 150 Americans is affected by manic-depressive disease over a given one-year period. As many as 40 percent go untreated. Al Kerth's friends and family members shared their recollections of his private struggle in the hope of shedding light on this hidden problem.

This three-part series on Al Kerth's accomplishments and struggles is based on more than two dozen interviews with friends, family, associates and health care professionals conducted over the course of nearly a year. Many are cited individually in these stories, but others provided important information and were not named.

Barbara Abbett, former senior partner at Fleishman-Hillard; Clarence "Cedge" Barksdale, Kerth's former boss at what was then First National Bank; Tim Barksdale, friend; Allison Collinger, director of corporate relations for the St. Louis Rams; former Sen. John Danforth; William H. Danforth, Washington University chancellor emeritus; Patricia Kyle Dennis, former wife; Peter Diamandis, founder and chairman of the X Prize; Jane Drain, Joanne Kerth's sister; former Sen. Thomas F. Eagleton; Mary Jackson, sister of Al Kerth II; Linda Jacobson, friend; Ruth Jacobson, former senior partner at Fleishman-Hillard; former St. Louis Alderman Kenneth Jones; Susan Kerth, wife; JoAnne LaSala, former president of St. Louis 2004; Phoebe Mayfield, friend of Al Kerth's mother, Joanne Kerth; Harry J. Lunt, friend and associate of Al Kerth II; Ann McMahon, friend and Kerth's assistant; Jim Mann, president of Forest Park Forever; Dr. Paul Packman, Kerth's psychiatrist; Don Peters, friend of Al Kerth II; J ohn Peterson, friend of Al Kerth II; Betty Pratt, sister of Al Kerth II; John Schleiffarth, friend; former St. Louis Mayor Vincent C. Schoemehl Jr.; Daniel Segal, program supervisor, St. Louis Empowerment Center; Peter Sortino, president of St. Louis 2004; Steve Stogel , president of DFC Group Inc.; architect Andrew Trivers and his wife, Kellie; Dr. Garry M. Vickar, chairman, Department of Psychiatry at Christian Hospital Northeast; Paul Wagman, senior vice president and partner, Fleishman-Hillard.