Workshops for Businesses and Business People

WeissWrite offers an array of workshops for the business professional. Here's a sampling of business workshops, but note that WeissWrite custom-tailors its workshops to address the particiular needs of its clients.

Power Writing

A two-hour hands-on workout designed to breathe life into your copy whether it's an e-mail, etter, proposal, newsletter or marketing brochure.. This includes basic writing skills that many writers overlook. Also:

  • Basic forms of story organization.
  • Capturing the essence of any story or proposal in the first few words.
  • Overcoming writer's block.

Working With The Media

Stay on good terms with the media and the public by enriching your knowledge of how editors and reporters do their jobs. Participants will learn to:

  • Craft materials that editors will find compelling and persuasive.
  • Handle an interview.
  • Mange relationships effectively with reporters and editors.
  • Turn the volume up on good works; turn it down on negative publicity.
  • Feed the beast and keep it at bay.
  • Analyze what the media needs and how you can supply it.

Pitching A Proposal

An interactive workshop designed to spur imaginative thinking, develop a plan and take concrete steps to turn it into reality. Participants will learn to:

  • Develop their own step-by-step process for getting a proposal into development
  • Use language to challenge, engage and provoke readers and listeners.
  • Project authority and avoid equivocation.
  • Anticipate and address dissent.
  • Create an ongoing dialogue with decision-makers.

One-on-One Support from the Coach

Dick Weiss provides editing and coaching help to business professionals by phone, e-mail, and internet messaging. He'll can review a manuscript quickly and provide useful advice that can be implemented immediately. Hourly rates. E-mail Weiss at for a quote.