Workshops For Students

WeissWrite offers workshops for students of all ages. Here's a list in order of age group.

How To Be A World Famous, Fabulously Successful Writer

Ages 8-16

Dick Weiss shares the secrets of storytelling in a witty and irreverent way. Imagine if Homer Simpson were your lit teacher. In step-by-step fashion, Weiss shows students how to build a story. Then they write one and read it aloud.


Writing The College Admissions Essay

High School juniors and seniors

Weiss shares the tips and techniques that can help any high school student write a unique and engaging personal essay. He’ll discuss:

  • What college admissions officers look for in an essay;
  • How to find the story that describes the student best;
  • How to overcome writer’s block and stimulate your imagination and creativity.
  • Basic do’s and don’ts.

The session will be entertaining as well as informative, incorporating music, pictures and hands-on exercises. The students will leave with useful handouts to guide them as they prepare their essays.


How To Be A Hot Shot High School Journalist

High School journalists

 In a fast-paced and entertaining workshop, Weiss shares the techniques top journalists use to report and write compelling stories.


Ethics R Us

High School journalists

Few teenagers wield the power of a a high schools journalists. They can make and break reputations, including their own. Weiss takes young journalists on a trip through the minefield and shows them how to write and report with precision and integrity.