Workshops For Journalists & Newspapers

WeissWrite provides a wide range of workshops for seasoned journalists and those new to the field.

Here's a selection:

Reaching the Reader

Deals with what readers are looking for in a story, how to deliver it, how to use your writerly voice to sell it. Starts with findings from survey research, then discusses how to start where readers start with their values and the things that concern them on an everyday basis.

A Starter Kit for Storytellers

For the more gifted members of your staff: narrative writing, how to take notes beyond quotes, and interviewing skills. 

The Online Storyteller 

Dick shows participants how they can take their reporting and storytelling skills online in ways that engage readers like never before. He'll focus on the best practices of online and traditional journalists, highlight cutting edge websites and discuss how managers can get everyone out of their silos and working together to produce a great story.  

Writing Aerobics

A hands-on workout designed to breathe life into your copy. This includes basic writing skills that many reporters overlook -- in other words self-editing. Covers writing tight, bright and concise ledes. Also:

• Basic forms of story organization.

• Capturing the essence of any story you want to tell.

Compelling profiles

How to write about somebodies and nobodies in your town. How to get away from a portrait of a victim or a villain, but a real human being and what makes him or her tick.

The 7.5 Habits Of Highly Effective Journalists

How did the most admired journalists of our generation get to be so admired? They do certain things that develop their skills, get them noticed, and open up opportunities.

How To Become The Most Admired Editor In Your Newsroom

Hands on work with line editors, perhaps the most important single group of employees in your newsroom. We go over wordsmithing skills, dealing down with your reporters, and up with your supervisors. Where to find great story ideas (even when you can't get out of the office) and how to sell them to your bosses and to your reporters.

Making Your Story Sing

In a song-filled two-hour session, Weiss and singer-songwriter Phoebe Claggett demonstrate the techniques that songwriters use to tell their tales and how they might be applied to the stories you write.   Read more about this special workshop.

Crafting the Personal Essay

How to make your stories resonate with readers beyond your immediate family. How to develop your voice, structure the story, share revealing details, write strong beginnings and memorable conclusions.

Making the Argument

The keys to writing effective commentary. How to be entertaining and convincing at the same time.

Time On Your Side 

How to find great story ideas quickly, write them efficiently and compellingly, win over your readers and impress your bosses. Also: Using time as a dynamic narrative element in your story.

Your Newspaper At 50,000 Feet

The coach reads and reviews a week’s worth of newspapers and highlights what your staff does well, areas of concern and opportunities that beckon. (Additional charge applies due to prep time.)

One-on-one coaching sessions

You can have a trusted adviser and writing muse just a click away. Run your story proposals, first drafts and questions by Weiss and get a response within 48 hours by phone, e-mail or internet chat. Your choice. E-mail Weiss at for a quote.